In line with our 3Ps Approach, we provide consulting services to enhance airport security covering all aspects of airport Premises (Infrastructure, Technologies, etc.), Processes (Standard Operational Procedures) and People (Staff, Passengers and other Stakeholders).

Security Programs & Concepts

Development, update and amendment of Airport Security Programs based on ICAO standards and recommended practices and local regulations
Development of security concepts, guidelines and SOPs
Landside security measures
Security solutions with a minimum impact on operational efficiency and the passenger experience
Quality Management Systems

Security Culture Development & Training

Security Culture Concepts
Development and set-up of security organizations
Staff training and manuals

Training and refresher courses

Training manuals and instructions

Behavior detection training

Security staff allocation and optimization

Checkpoint Design & Optimization

Design and optimization of security checkpoints

Passenger security checkpoints

Staff & goods checkpoints

Security gates, vehicle checkpoints

Cargo checkpoints

Smart Security concepts
Process & layout optimization

Auditing & Assessments

Security audits and compliance (ICAO standards and recommended practices, local reg.)
Assessment and surveys of existing security solutions
Gap analysis

Infrastructure & Technologies

Planning of security infrastructure and equipment
Terminal security planning

Security lines and zones inside buildings

Security equipment (CCTV, sensors, alarms, badge readers, etc.)

Door requirements

Drone detection, surveillance and mitigation
Incorporation of future security technologies
Security IT solutions, cyber security

HBS Hold Baggage Screening

HBS requirements and concepts
Design of HBS solutions
Operations and maintenance manuals and procedures
Testing and commissioning, start-up of HBS

Source: Smiths Detection

K9 Services

Through dog handling guard services, we now offer static and mobile guards across the airports in South Africa.